Operation area

For effective fire protection of residential houses and buildings, rooms of all types and uses, storage rooms, outdoor areas, monuments, churches, garages, etc.

The extinguishing powder is harmless to people, animals, the environment, technical systems, documents, etc.
The compact extinguishing modules can, for example, be installed in smaller rooms – even under the suspended ceiling – and provide fire protection for up to 12 years.


Technical parameters

mass / weight 5 kg
Dimensions (height x length)
273 × 124 mm
Protective surface (Class A / Class B) 25 m2 / 10 m2
Protection volume (Class A / Class B) 38 m3 / 12 m3
Activation current 0,15 A
Operating Temperature (Standard / Maximum) -50 to +50°C / -60 to +90°C
Maximum level of model fire class B 55B
Operating time without maintenance (years) 12
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