Operation area

  As a complete unit mounted on a console, this module can be used almost anywhere. Unpack, fasten, pull the safety pin and the unit is immediately ready for use. These complete modules are particularly popular in rental properties or on construction sites because they can be relocated at any time and are effortless. Recommended use: under hall ceilings or on side walls, in warehouses, gas stations, in any type of building (including historical buildings, castles, churches, etc.), storage rooms, fuel storage, cable ducts, attics, on construction sites or in rental properties, and much more.  

Technical parameters

mass / weight 16 kg
Dimensions (height x length) 240 mm x 320 mm
Protective surface (Class A / Class B) 50m² / 27m²
Protection volume (Class A / Class B) 150m³ / 38m³
Activation current 0,15 A
Operating Temperature (Standard / Maximum) -50 to +50°C / -60 to +90°C
Maximum level of model fire class B 233B
Operating time without maintenance (years) 12
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