Operation area

Our MPH-5 module series extinguishes in a 360 degree radius of action and can therefore be used in a variety of ways, including and especially in low rooms.

Recommended use: office, doctor’s office, garage, storage rooms, sales rooms, attics, fuel storage, in disposal areas, containers, parking garages, basements, boiler rooms, hallways and corridors, and much more.

Technical parameters

mass / weight8,2 kg
Dimensions (height x length)210 mm x 280 mm
Protective surface (Class A / Class B)78m² / 31m²
Protection volume (Class A / Class B)100m³ / 31m³
Activation current0,15 A
Operating Temperature (Standard / Maximum)-50 to +50°C / -60 to +90°C
Operating time without maintenance (years)12
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