Operation area

Our “extinguishing grenade” functions similarly to the normal MPH-5 module with a 360° operating radius and is also equipped with a throwing handle.

The module is activated by pulling a split pin (like a grenade) and is immediately ready for use without sensors. In the event of a fire, the module simply needs to be thrown close to the source of the fire to effectively extinguish the fire.

Recommended use: in any high-traffic area in companies such as operations managers’ offices, administrations, lounges, on machines, on industrial trucks, in vehicles (including cars), in the area of escape routes, public areas, hotels, parking garages, residential buildings, etc.


Technical parameters

mass / weight8,2 kg
Dimensions (height x length)190 mmx 280 mm
Protective surface (Class A / Class B)78m² / 31m²
Protection volume (Class A / Class B)100m³ / 31m³
Activation current0,15 A
Operating Temperature (Standard / Maximum)-50 to +50°C / -60 to +90°C
Operating time without maintenance (years)12
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