Operation area

The powerful MPH-10st is equipped with an adjustable console and extinguishes in any direction with a long range of up to 25m. This means it can be used in a variety of ways, both as a standalone solution or as an addition to modular concepts. Recommended use: under hall ceilings or on side walls, particularly suitable for waste disposal companies, in warehouses, gas stations, in all types of buildings (including historical buildings, castles, churches, etc.), attics, garages, storage rooms, sales rooms, fuel storage, attics, and much more.

Technical parameters

mass / weight <20,0 kg
Dimensions (height x length) 10 x 268 mm x 305 mm
Protective surface (Class A / Class B) 80m² / 36m²
Protection volume (Class A / Class B) 240m³ / 53m³
Activation current 0,15 A
Operating Temperature (Standard / Maximum) -50 to +50°C / -60 to +90°C
Maximum level of model fire class B 233B
Operating time without maintenance (years) 12
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