Ten good reasons for a TUNGUS fire extinguishing system

High reliability and profitability
Relatively low price for purchase and assembly
12 years of service without maintenance
Easy installation and simple operation of the systems
Early control of the fire in self-starting mode or in
automatic mode
Integrate our modules into your existing system
Coverage of all fire classes, including installations below
electrical voltage
Extinguishing powder is safe for humans, animals, technology
and environment
Simply remove the extinguishing powder after use, no
damage caused by water, foam or salts

The extinguishing module


1 Casing of the module
2 Extinguishing powder
3 Pressure generator
4 Dispensers / Encoders
5 Membranes
6 Electric unit
7 Electrical connection
8 Electric impulse unit
9 Covering
10 Console (example)
11 Membrane closure

The sensor


The TPS sensor is a unique and autonomous sensor for combating fire sources in conjunction with the Tungus fire extinguishers. The sensor also provides the possibility of sending signals for detection in a fire detection system. It is fully networkable, but does not require any current - neither from the power supply nor from a battery!

The sensor TPS operates as an independent, thermo-activating detection device. It reacts to the heat of a fire and activates the extinguishing modules.

The TPS-01 sensor can also be used as a thermometer.


It is available in 4 versions for different types Activation temperatures and thus it can be used in many ways:

  • Sensor TPS-01-72 - 72 ± 5 ° C
  • Sensor TPS-01-93 - 93 ± 5 ° C
  • Sensor TPS-01-110 - 110 ± 5 ° C
  • Sensor TPS-01-М - activated manually

The mounting and maintenance of the sensors is very easy because it works for at least 12 years without battery or power supply.