For effective fire protection of electrical cables and control cabinets, cable ducts and shafts, motors, double floors and storage rooms.

The extinguishing powder is safe for people, animals, environment, technical equipment, documents, etc.

The compact fire extinguishing module is ideally suited to be installed in smaller rooms and cabinets, providing effective automatic fire protection.



Mass 3,0 kg
Dimensions (height × length) 130 × 230 mm
Protection area (Class A / Class B) 1,2 m2 / 1,2 m2
Protection volume (Class A / Class B) 2,4 m3 / 1.2 m3
Activation current 0,15 A
Operationg temperature (standart / maximum) -50 bis +50°C / -60 bis +90°C
Maximum level of model firing class B 8B
Operating time without maintenance (years) 12
Antidexploitation marking ATEX 0ЕхiaIIВT3 Х, RP ЕхiaI Х


Designed for automatic fire extinguishing class A (solid materials), B (liquids), C (gas), and E (electrical equipment).