TPS-2.24 Extenguishing powder-cartridge


The use of the cassette as part of a fire fighting vehicle of the fire brigade significantly expands the possibilities of fire control and reduces the risk of burns. Fire extinguishments at higher altitudes, fast blocking of the fire center and effective protection of persons in burning rooms are possible.

The TPS-2.24 cassette consists of two modules, powder fire extinguishers.

TPS-2.24 is a device with several applications, needs no energy sources and is maintenance-free for 12 years.

The extinguishing powder cartridge can e.g. Mounted on fire truck with rotating ladder and extinguished in any direction – even horizontally.


<500 m3 / –


Mass weight 85 kg
Dimensions (height × length) 80 × 110 × 30 cm
Protective surface (class A / class B) 150 m2 / 116 m2
Protection class (Class A / Class B)  500 m3 / –
Activation current manuell
Operating temperature (standard / maximum) -50°C bis +50°C
Operating time without maintenance (years) 12


Designed for automatic fire extinguishing class A (solid materials), B (liquids), C (gas), and E (electrical equipment).